Making Your Dreams Your Destiny

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Many people are haunted by a persistent inner nagging that they have merely scratched the surface of their potential.  Having succumbed to fear, self-doubt, or negative social attitudes such as mediocrity, they have repressed the deepest passions and dreams of their hearts.

For women who think life has passed them by but still have seeds of longing for a greater purpose, Making your Dreams your Destiny is a book that shows women of any age how to unveil those passions and translate dreams into reality.  A practical guide on how women can tap into their passions, ignite their vision, conquer their fears, and embrace their unique God-given purpose.

Judy Rushfeldt has been writing for 25 years.  She is a book author, speaker, corporate communications consultant, and writes for numerous magazines and newspapers.  She recently launched an online women's outreach magazine, life Tools for, and is on her way to reaching a goal of 500,000 visitors a month.