Analyzing And Improving CHURCH HEALTH | Manual

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Church health can be a very subjective topic. What is considered a strength in one type of ministry may well be a liability in another, depending on the social context in which the church operates. Not everything in this manual may apply to your situation, but I believe there are some general principles that can serve churches and leaders who desire to “press toward the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

This manual makes some basic assumptions about local church health.

  1. A healthy church is a growing church. We realize that there are many dimensions of growth and that numbers alone cannot take the measure of all that a church contributes to its members and its community. But it is natural for healthy, living things to grow.
  2. A healthy church is a transforming church. It is a place where lives are transformed through the love of the body and the power of the Holy Spirit as an everyday order of business.
  3. A healthy church is a happy church. It produces and maintains a climate of joy, goodwill, excitement, brotherhood, and love.

It takes a deep and comprehensive analysis, coupled with Holy Spirit-given insight, in order to identify root problems and re-direct a church’s priorities. My hope is that this manual will assist in building hundreds of healthier churches to the glory of God!