Equipping Series | 5 Booklets

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The equipping Series is designed to help you become integrated into the life of your local church. At VCI we believe that a healthy believer will grow and develop spiritually. The first step for any new believer is to become solidly established in their relationship with God. This series includes Teachers Manuals and Member/Student Manuals. The Teachers Manual will enable you to teach each booklet as a small course. The Members or Student Manual is filled with blanks that can be filled in with information and questions as the student listens to the teaching. Teacher and Member/Student Manuals are sold separately.

The following books are included in the series:

  1. Laying a Foundation – Will give you a working knowledge of basic Christian Doctrine.
  2. The Membership Covenant – Solidifying the believer’s relationship and defining their function within the Church.
  3. Ministering Members – Designed to help you respond to the challenge of serving God in your local church.
  4. Outreach & Evangelism – Learn to win souls and discover your life’s mission.
  5. Church Ceremonies & Ordinances – Learn how to perform certain ceremonies and ordinances within the church from Weddings & Funerals to Communion & Baby Dedication.