Grace, The Power To Change

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There are many things that we all believe yet do on experience. We all want victory, yet few find it. One of our greatest frustrations is that much of what we believe really doesn't work. Too often we spend our lives struggling with the same issues. The feeling of defeat can be agonizing.

It is  as if we are caught in a maze of formulas and rules. We know there something missing, but we're not sure what. In our search for truth, we lose our way among the dos and dont's of religion. Christians everywhere have been missing the truth about grace - and  the result is defeat and frustration.

In this life-changing book, Dr. James Richards unf9olds the mystery of grace. You will find the power to overcome instead of repeatedly seeking forgiveness. You will conquer personal issues instead of enduring them. You will discover God's power of effortless change instead of your best effort to change. This reality will transform everything you are experiencing with God.