Mentoring: The Missing Key In The Equipping Of The Saints | Workbook

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This teaching on Mentoring is basically drawn from and based on the book of I Timothy in the Bible. The book of I Timothy is written to Timothy, who was being actively Mentored by the Apostle Paul, but if you look at it a little deeper, it is actually written to four different groups of people which make up four different levels of leadership in the Church.

Each level has its own set of “Mentoring Benchmarks”: character qualities, responsibilities and requirements of that Leadership Level. As a person masters the current Leadership Level they are on by mastering the Benchmarks of that level, they are ready to be promoted to the next Leadership Level.

In its essence, Mentoring is about determining exactly what Leadership Level a person is currently on, what Leadership Level they feel called to, and what Benchmarks they need to master in order to move to the next. In summary, here are the 4 Leadership Levels.