My Journey To Wholeness

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What does the mind have to do with the body and the spirit? Regardless of what type of health issue you may be dealing with, you are sure to encounter a vast array of information with the advancement of technology. How much of it actually helps? In My Journey to Wholeness, Samantha Chopin Amos pours out her heart in testimony of the winding paths that she has traveled with God upholding her every step of the way - even through the moments when she wanted to die. Medical and holistic health measures failed to provide the answers. Amos shows how the God of the impossible can reach through our tragedies and give us the healing touch in every part of our being - spirit, soul, and body. the author invites readers who may be suffering with illness or hard situations in life to look at God - not through our pain, not through our diagnosis, not through our circumstances, but as He really is. God is our Creator and our Father, so He is the only one who is truly able and willing to provide healing in its entirety.