The Dynamics of Pastoral Care

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THE MINISTRY DYNAMICS FOR A NEW CENTURY series provides both experienced and beginning pastors with concise information to help them perform the task of ministry with efficiency, fruitfulness, and joy. Rooted in basic principles rather than passing fads, these practical books by recognized authorities address topics of perennial interest and offer sound guidance.

What is the appropriate model for a minister in the twenty-first century? Administrator? Business manager? High-powered CEO? David Wiersbe suggests that the true biblical paradigm for a pastor is the shepherd. Throughout the Bible, from Abel to Moses and David to Jesus himself, God shows that His heart is with the good shepherd.

In this practical and concise addition to The Ministry Dynamics for a New Century series, David Wiersbe examines the role of shepherd in light of the duties of a pastor. People, like sheep, are vulnerable and require gentle care. So pastors need to build relationships and earn the trust of their people by listening, loving, serving, and visiting their flock.